Events - Overview

UB City today has grown to become one of Bangalore's most sought after destinations, for tourists & locals alike! Contributing to this phenomenon has been some of the world's best fashion brands, culinary delights and hip night spots, combined with some of the finest events that the city has witnessed till date. Be it every Bangalorean's favourite Bengaluru Habba or internationally acclaimed saxophonist Kenny G's performance, UB City has offered entertainment like never before!

Today, the frequency of events at UB City has increased so tremendously that a dedicated "Events" section became the need of the hour. So, here we go!

Whether you're looking for Music Concerts or Fashion Shows, Exclusive Store Launches or Art Events, tune in to UB City's exhaustive Events section. Each event will also give you the option to share the same with your friends on Facebook & Twitter, so go right ahead and sync your calendars!