Rasovara – The Royal Kitchen

A gastronomical journey to the royal delicacies served across the Country!

Since time immemorial, the mighty palaces of India have welcomed scores of happy guests. The spices and fresh ingredients used were the greatest contributors to the delicious food, apart from the sheer skills of the royal cooks. Rasovara brings to you, centuries later, the magical food from the royal kitchens of North India.

At Rasovara, we understand what a truly fine dine luxury experience is like. At every stage, you have your personal captain that pre-determines your needs and has things ready even before you can ask for it. We appreciate your need for peace and quiet as you savour your meal. The graciously quiet hospitality is an inheritance from our ancestors.

Indian vegetarian cuisine has never had it better and we welcome you to relish this experience. Like the celebration dinners of the royal Indian palaces, every meal is a celebration at Rasovara, a celebration of India's rich gourmet and hospitality legacy. To break away from the monotony of a regular life, walk-in to Rasovara and get treated like a King!

Like we say in India, padhaaro!