Dates: 19th Jul '10 - 10th Aug '13

Venue: Sublime Galleria (see map)

"It's not just art, its history!", says Sonu Mulchandani whose latest endeavour 'The Voyage', a tribute to all the map makers between the 14th and 18th Century, was an adaptation of their work with a modern twist.

THE VOYAGE was an amalgamation of the works of geographers (from Claudius Ptolemaeus, 90-168 AD to George Washington, 1731-1799 AD), great explorers (from Afonso De Albuquerque, 1453-1515 AD to Willem Cornelisz Chouten, 1567-1625 AD) & all the royalties who supported these discoveries.

Despite the downpour on the Opening day, this innovative and educative art display saw a good turnout. The dance performed at the launch added yet another dimension to the visual depiction of our history.