The Hilight Tribe Concert

Date: 27th Feb '11

Venue: Sublime Galleria (see map)

With an impressive record to having recorded 6 albums, 4 videos and 500 concerts all over the world, this band is one of the few bands who perform trance music "LIVE". The Highlight Tribe, a band which has its origination from France consists of Musicians Greg, Ludo, Rishnu, Roots & Seb who fuse Guitar, Bass, Drum Set, Voice, Congas, Djembe as well as other String and Percussion instruments.

The band is known to break boundaries through their performances by playing each instrument in real time which is linked to effects creating alchemy between modern and ancestral sounds. Their energy on stage got the crowd tripping to a unique performance that was never seen before. Click through the images to get a feel of the high energy performance.