Dates: 14th Dec '13 - 12th Jan '14

Venue: Sublime Galleria (see map)

Padmashri awardee and renowned artist Thota Tharrani's use of colours extends from a splash of bright hues to monochromatic shades which represent his unrestricted creativity. Some of his versatile creations stand tall at the Archives Municipals de Bordeaux, Ecole Des Beaux Arts Bordeaux, Tourism de l'Inde and Maison de l'Inde in Paris, France.

His exhibition Symphony in musical terms is an extended musical composition. For Thota Tharrani, the understanding of Symphony is an extension of music on canvas. His joys of listening to music helped him create such vivid and colorful works which are soothing to the eyes while the music is soothing to the ears.

View the works and allow his strokes and colours to create your personal compositions.