South Indian Art Show

Date: 11th Sep '15

Venue:Sublime Galleria (see map)

In South India, art has always had an illustrious history. Artistic thoughts & values that have passed down unhindered for centuries, still exist in the southern states DNA.

Like Cohen said, if poetry is the evidence of life, then art is the language & voice of one's soul. It gently exists within our collective highs & lows, ebbing & intensifying its seismic search to speak out. Artist's pour it into moulds, splash it on canvas, scrape it on boards, build it high, break it down, shape it, beat it, layer it, tear it - all for a singular purpose to hear that voice. An all-powerful, all-pervasive interpretation & re-interpretation through imagery & experience. A sweet struggle to reflect upon your soul's truest truth.

Join us on this journey, only at Sublime Galleria in The Collection @ UB City.