Led Zepplica Concert

Date: 23rd Jan '11

Venue: Sublime Galleria (see map)

Being considered the rock capital of the country the Amphitheatre, UB City on 23rd January 2011 provided a platform to every Led Zeppelin fan to head bang to their signature tunes through a live performance by their tribute band "Led Zepplica". Led Zepplica an all American tribute band which consists of 4 band members Lenny Mann, Joe Retta, Johnny Bruhns & Darryl Johnson have been performing for the last 10 yrs keeping the music of the greats "Led Zeppelin" alive.

The band had the crowds singing along to songs such as Stairways To Heaven, Kashmir & Whole Lotta Love. With the reactions to the music and the Ovation the band had received Bangalore is definitely without doubt the rock capital of the country.