Decay ignites the imagination

Dates: 1st Sep - 28th Sep '16

Venue: Sublime Galleria(see map)

You'd be surprised what people leave behind, often for unknown reasons. Beautiful villas, still fully furnished - everything covered in a layer of dust. Hospitals with patient files scattered in the hallways. Theaters and ballrooms, now empty of laughter. Castles where the family photo album, still sits on the bookshelf. Memories of what used to be.

How did these people live? Why is the place abandoned? What happened?

With time, nature starts to take over. As the years pass, buildings and the secrets they keep crumble and decay. On first glance you may see a pile of moldy debris, but look at it with different eyes and you'll find a breathtaking beauty.

I am pleased to take you to the world behind the 'no entry' signs and the locked doors. it offers a glimpse of the beautiful, forbidden worlds of decay as I see it.