"Imagination" by Christel House

Dates: 25th Sept - 15th Nov '14

Venue: Jimmy Choo Store, The Collection (see map)

In continuation with philanthropic endeavors to help communities through art, Sublime Art Galleria will hold the first-of-its-kind exclusive exhibition-cum-sale of paintings by the children of Christel House in mid-September. The paintings will be done by children from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and the exhibition will showcase a total of 30 art pieces.

The theme of the exhibition is Art by Children and is not limited to focus on any one area, thus, allowing each child to explore the world around him or her through the medium of art. The medium of the paintings will be acrylic on canvas and the size ranges from 2ft by 2ft to 6ft by 8ft (width).

Many of the children who come to Christel House have special needs and the medium of art has proved to be an effective way for them to express themselves creatively. Their Art Program is integral in shaping personalities of children and is often therapeutic for children.