Anthrobiometric Art Show

Date: 9th Oct, '15 (6pm onwards)

Venue: Sublime Galleria (see map)

RKS Muthukrishnan is a Chennai-based artist. He is no Nostradamus (the French astrologer who saw tomorrow), but he sure can predict, to a significant level of accuracy; your high and low periods, and suggest ways to overcome a bad patch.

He is planning an interesting project of production, Chakra-inspired designer houses and fashion designs. The idea, he says, is to build houses and create dresses to suit specific numbers, which could be sold to those categories.

He has come out with a new book on Anthro-Biometry, the ancient science which was first perfected by the Sidhhars of South India great yogic masters who went beyond the practice of yoga into the mystical realms of Attaini.

Join us on this enlightening journey only at Sublime Galleria.